Completed Projects


The following is a selection of training programs designed and developed by LeadAmerica Training.

Southern Company

  • Designed 19 e-Learning courses for enterprise-wide initiative. Storyboards were completed and approved by Subject Matter Experts with appropriate technical expertise. Developed some of the courseware using Captivate and Articulate.
  • Served as Project Manager for Train-the-Trainer programs offered in several states and locations. The TTTs were conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with up to six participating audiences.
  • Conducted facilitation skills training for Subject Matter Experts who were conducting end-user training and for TTT instructors.
  • Participated as one of the lead instructors for TTT programs overseeing practice sessions and providing instructor feedback.

Regions Bank

  • Designed and developed 2 two-day customized training programs, Chart the Course Sales Training and Chart the Course Sales Management, as part of the company’s culture shift to a proactive sales culture. Wrote video scripts used for video practice examples in the training. Consulted on video production company selection. Trained 40 internal and external trainers and 60 Bank Presidents to co-facilitate the training for 8,000 employee-participants. Conducted trainings in each region.
  • Wrote company newsletter articles summarizing best practices that resulted from the training described above.
  • Wrote sales blitz kits for quarterly promotions including Relationship Banker Kit and Sales Manager (branch manager) kit for the following product promotions:
    • IRA blitz
    • Personal loan blitz
    • Equity assetline blitz
    • Researched and wrote a comprehensive Product Manual for all Business Products and Services offered by the company including features, benefits and target customers.
    • Designed and developed an Advanced Sales Management course using independent research plus best practices researched within the company.
    • Incentive Plan
    • Consulted on new Incentive Plan for all managerial staff and wrote the training program which both explained the program and motivated managers to reach the plan’s objectives.
    • Deliverables included Instructor Guide, Sales Plan Guide and video scripts.


  • Designed complete leadership curriculum architecture.
  • Developed foundation leader training courseware customized to Zaxby’s culture and values.

Delta Air Lines

  • Researched and built a Facilitator Curriculum for Delta Air Lines:
    • Designed and developed Excellence in Facilitation, a skill building train-the-trainer course for entry level facilitators from all business units.
    • Designed and developed Art of Facilitation course (five days in length) to improve the skills of experienced facilitators.
  • Designed and developed Managing Learning Facilitators to align their performance management system with the competencies that formed the foundation for the Excellence in Facilitation and Art of Facilitation
  • Researched and built Fundamentals of Instructional Systems Design program used to train 200 instructional designers throughout Delta Air Lines.

The Home Depot (for North Highland Consulting Company)

  • Served as Project Lead for Supply Chain project supervising a team of 7 instructional designers completing courseware used to prepare new hires for their roles in the 1.2 million square-foot Direct Fulfillment Center.
  • Project developed around implementation of all new process and tasks using newly developed, customized software.
  • Oversaw design and development of approximately 75 job aids.

Georgia Power

  • Redesigned the curriculum for Customer Call Center new hire training to reflect the focus on handling Customer situations using computer systems as support rather than focus on computer system training. Designed typical customer scenarios to teach all processes. Revised curriculum focusing on performance enabled training time to be reduced from 8 to 6 weeks.
  • Designed a Training Class Template to encourage the use of quality learning principles.
  • Developed a revised Level 1 Evaluation form to more accurately measure performance results of training classes.
  • Conducted TTT classes to help Subject Matter experts improve their knowledge of adult learning principles and skills in facilitating training classes.
  • Conducted an adult learning principles class for facilitators at the Customer Call Center and worked with the participants on an individual basis to help them apply their new knowledge to updating specific assigned courseware.
  • Coached the new instructional designer at the Customer Call Center on her role.
  • Conducted Mentor Training classes for those preparing for their new role as Mentors at the Customer Call Center.
  • Conducted classes in performance consulting for new internal performance consultants and provided on-going coaching for those new to
    the role.

Cox Communications

  • Developed a customized sales training program for Call Center Agents to develop skills related to nine specific competencies. It included observation exercises on the Call Center floor and calibration exercises using real taped phone calls.

Manheim Auto Auctions (division of Cox Communications)

  • Designed a comprehensive sales training program for new hires including modules on product knowledge, qualifying customers, selling benefits rather than features, and selling against the competition.
  • Designed and developed performance management training conducted by HR Managers at each of the auction locations. It included a CD of examples and planned exercises.
  • Designed and developed training for HR Managers to build their skills in conducting HR Investigations. Worked with a Subject Matter Expert and lawyer who will conduct the training.
  • Worked with Manheim Training staff from several internal functions, an outside training facilitator, and staff from BMW, to develop training and assist with the event coordination for BMW Pre-owned Car Managers which focused on aftermarket sales including selling through auctions. The Training was conducted several times at the Manheim Auto Center.

  • Served as the primary architect for a 12-month Manager curriculum for managers across the company.
  • Designed and developed 9-courses that were part of the curriculum; the courses were conducted by facilitators. Conducted TTT for the facilitators.
  • Worked with Subject Matter Experts in the financial area to develop courseware for the financial management portion of the curriculum.
  • Redesigned a Business Etiquette course for Customer Care Agents.
  • Designed and developed part of the New Hire training for the Dealer Concierge position.

NAPA (Auto Parts)

  • Designed and developed Financial Management (Level 2) for Store Owners training program in collaboration with a CPA.
  • Designed and developed NAPA’s New Store Owner School training including modules on marketing, merchandising, warranties, marine, agriculture, heavy duty, national account management, retail, wholesale, and special promotions.
  • Designed and developed Growing Your Wholesale Business course based on successful practices from franchise owners.

Sprint PCS

  • Co-wrote two sales training programs including accompanying video scripts and coordinated the video production, serving as Sprint’s representative through the selection of the production company, video shoot and edit process.

Coca Cola Enterprises

  • Developed a technical training program including the Instructor Guide, Participant Guide and User’s Guide for SATools device used by account managers for inventory control, ordering product, pricing, taking market surveys and servicing the customer.
  • Trained numerous groups of sales managers in performance management skills.

CARE, Inc.

  • Served as the Project Manager identifying expectations for managers in its national and regional offices and developing a low cost way to communicate those and expectations that was stimulating and energizing.
  • Using in-depth employee interviews for analysis, a model was created consisting of six Business Expectations (linked to their 5-year Strategic Plan) and six People-Management Standards interwoven into a “tapestry” signifying successful management practices specific to CARE managers.
  • Videos were assembled from flip-camera anecdotes provided by CARE managers throughout the world explaining how they support and demonstrate the standards and expectations. A classroom course was developed centering on the videos and custom-designed case studies which provided interactivity and shared experiences to establish management standards throughout the organization.
  • Designed a Sharepoint site to enable managers to have easy access to documents, processes and shared expertise for building capacity in their managerial role.
  • Redesigned and updated entry-level technical skills training for retail sales personnel.
  • Designed job aids to correlate with entry-level training skills program.

Cingular Wireless

  • Redesigned and updated entry-level technical skills training for retail sales personnel.
  • Designed job aids to correlate with entry-level training skills program.

Scientific Atlanta

  • Developed a training program for new hires in customer service. This extensive project included all work processes, system directions, and product knowledge information including basic and intermediate phone skills.
  • Designed reinforcement modules for phone skills follow-up consisting of interactive games based on well-known children’s games. A follow up reward system was developed to correspond with the reinforcement modules. Both were extremely well received by the customer service representatives and resulted in higher metrics.

The American Cancer Society Mid-South Region

  • Developed performance expectations for seven primary positions in the new sales culture. Developed sales metrics for seven
    primary positions.
  • Designed a sales process reflective of ACS specifications.
  • Built customized sales training and sales management training.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  • Designed and delivered Successful Selling Secrets program with Business Development Group.

Siemens Energy and Automation (Plant)

  • Assessed cause of conflict on the management team. Facilitated problem-solving Designed and led experiential team-building program.


  • Assessed causes of poor customer satisfaction metrics. Recommended work-flow process changes.
  • Designed and implemented a plan to build team-owned customer satisfaction metric improvement projects. Consulted with teams on selection of CS metrics, causes of low scores, then devised project plans for improving metrics within their domains.

U.S. Department of Education

  • Assessed cause of conflict within a department. Coached team members on conflict reduction methodologies. Used behavior-style preference instruments to build appreciation of differences. Facilitated Conflict Reduction face-to-face sessions.
  • Facilitated multiple sessions in Meeting Management, Performance Management and Team Building


  • Designed and developed customized Train-the-Trainer program for Call Center Managers including detailed Facilitator Guide, Learner Guide and PowerPoint slides

UST: A Development Company

  • Facilitated development of problem solving/communication skills for sales/customer service managers/project leaders in telesales using UST-specific problem examples.

Marriott Hotels

Designed and developed customized training programs for sales staff including:

  • Contracts: Limiting risk & maximizing communication with customers
  • Prospecting New Customers
  • Facilitated performance management and coaching skills program for shift managers and district managers.

Little Caesar’s Pizza

  • Facilitated performance management and coaching skills program for shift managers and district managers.

Komatsu Construction

  • Designed and developed instructional and self-study materials for new equipment leasing program; wrote customized materials for Sales Managers, Service Managers and Leasing Agents.

Delta Technology

  • Designed and delivered Performance Analysis, a course to help managers clarify the performance desired from their employees and use
    a tool to identify both the cause and solution of a performance problem. Useful for guiding managers toward alternatives other
    than sending employees to “be trained” when performance needs improvement.
  • Designed and delivered Instructional Techniques for Trainers, preparing Subject Matter Experts to conduct training classes.

NASCO (Blue Cross/Blue Shield)

  • Designed and developed Performance Management for Managers, assisting managers in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities in
    the continual performance improvement cycle.
  • Designed and developed Performance Management for Associates, describing the Associate’s role and responsibilities in each stage of
    the performance management cycle, from setting expectations (goals/objectives) through getting and using feedback, obtaining
    coaching, participating in the preparation of development plans and being an active participant in performance reviews.

WIC Organization

  • Designed and delivered multiple sessions on Collaboration skills, the art of defining goals among groups with differing agendas,
    using a process for meeting the goals, overcoming challenges, and problem solving.