LeadAmerica Trainingbased in Atlanta, Georgia, helps companies achieve key business objectives through learning and improved performance. When training is needed to build entry-level job skills, improve performance, or help make a shift in company culture, LeadAmerica provides the quality instructional design and consulting services you require.

Founded by Susan Greathead in 1994, LeadAmerica Training has built a solid reputation—with companies as diverse as AutoTrader.com, Delta Air Lines, Regions Bank and Georgia Powerfor skill-based training that gets results.

What we care about:

There is too much training being developed and implemented that simply doesn’t work…namely, it:

  • Gives information but doesn’t show how to use the information (ineffective)
  • Is condescending, i.e. has content people already know (inefficient use of time)
  • Is boring (need we say more?)
  • Isn’t directly aligned to the job people do (poor results)

Criteria for our Training:

We develop training that meets client expectations and our own high standards for quality, namely these three:

bread and tape measure






It’s lean, meaning not stuffed with non-essentials. Employee time is valuable and should not be spent doing training that’s either not needed or not directly focused on the performance target.

To us, lean also means that participants learn efficiently yet deeply, without knowing the design is based on a solid foundation of adult learning principles. (To them, it’s quick, helpful, insightful, thought-provoking, or all of the above and at the same time.)

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It’s lively, meaning not b-o-r-i-n-g. It’s got energy, either from interactive activities that draw-out the learning while drawing-in the participants or visuals that surprise and illustrate while reinforcing understanding and encouraging rapid recall. Once we’ve collected the right content, we design training using this mantra:

  • Make them Look (especially true for eLearning which is a visual medium).
  • Made them Think (If the brain is not engaged, no learning is occurring.)
  • Make them Act (Training is about what you do with the information you get, so acting and interacting with new information to develop skill is critical to getting meaningful results.)

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It’s relevant, meaning it directly related to the job the person does. In fact good training is not only related to the job, it’s:

  • In context for how and when the employee uses the new skill.
  • Sometimes that means putting the problem first and then giving the solution (No one likes to be told what to do without knowing why.).
  • At other times, it means creating a realistic situation or “scenario” where the learner typically performs the skill (For example, the context for a flight attendant using a defibrillator isn’t the calm, quiet classroom, it’s at 30,000 feet with a plane full of people trying to get past the narrow aisle to get the bathroom!).

Let LeadAmerica Training create your next lean, lively and relevant training program, thus impacting the performance of your key employees.